Saturday, August 2, 2008

DHS: We'll Stop Data From Coming Through On Storage Media

We reported on this matter of a new DHS directive allow Customs agents to seize mobile devices and make copies of the data to be shared with other US intelligence apparatuses for analysis.  Sure, for terrorists and drug smugglers.  You know, criminals.  But not the business executive with a family, wife, two kids, and a dog who is driving back from Canada on a consulting job.

That is right.  HIs business laptop may be subject to seizure because at this point, Customs officials do not have to have any reason to seizure data at border checkpoints.

Techdirect pointed out something very important.  The exercise of this very alarming policy by DHS will not stop digital data from coming into the country.  There is this thing call the Internet.  Very useful for e-mail, IM, surfing, or watching a video.  Very useful.  And there is nothing that is keeping terrorists from transmitting data over the Internet to each other.  Very useful for them too.

(From TechDirt)

Impact:  This may be the stampede of election challenged US Representatives and Senators clamoring to protect our rights on this matter.  HR-this.  HR-that.  But with any teeth and mere grandstanding, it does the American people no good.  Also, will foreign companies not complain to their own governments where upon they implement such policies of their own.  And not just at borders but airports as well?  After all, the Land of the Free is doing it, why can't China, North Korea or Burma?

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