Saturday, August 2, 2008

Homeland Security: Your Data Is Our Data

CNet is reporting a new directive issued by the Department of Homeland Security providing its Customs personnel the authority to seize laptops (or other mobile devices for that matter) and analyze data on these devices at border checkpoints.  Yes, they would also have the authority to copy the data contained in the devices they seize.

The goal is to collect intelligence against terrorists and other criminals.  Presumably, DHS mean contraband smugglers and copyright violators but with such sweeping power, it is only one step from whole data seizure and giving the government's intelligence apparatus to categorize and store any and all data.

Senator Russell Feingold find this new policy "alarming" (as do we at Onxo and you) and plans to introduce a bill to stem the power granted by the new DHS directive to seizure of of data at borders only with reasonable suspicion.

We've provided a list of other articles on this alarming matter:

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  • IOC and China Gets Gold for Censorship.  New definition of freedom of the press.
  • When we offered a very important tip on cyber security and thift from DHS on Thursday, we did not realize American mobile warriors would have to use it against US government.
Impact:  We don't know where to begin.  We need to keep any eye, many with your help, on this matter.   We have nothing to hide.  We go about our daily business and we only want to live the American dream.  Regardless of your personal political views on the war on terrorism, the sacrafices to civil rights and privacy of this magnitude is just too much.  

Note:  Onxo is studying this matter and will have more information as we uncover them.  This is a few web articles and we want to fair and responsible in report this very important issue from multiple angles.  We always welcome suggestions and comments on/about Onxo.

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