Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Intel: Nehalem Mobile Platform

We've yet to see this year's refresh of Centrino 2 when the speed of Internet is already looking ahead to next  year's platform, Calpella.  It will have an integrated memory controller and IGP.  Intel certainly has been busy in the last few days with other announcements like Larrabee, it's first discreet graphics processor unit.  But don't tell Intel we called it a GPU because it is capable of processing standard CPU codes, given the system an extra hand when needed.  How significant are these announcements?

Capella is slated to refresh Intel's mobile platform in 2009 while Larrabee some time between 2009 and 2010.

Here are some links that may help sort things out.
So, what should you do?  Buy now if your need is immediately such as going to school or overseas. The Santa Rosa platform is the best you can get on the market.  However, it'll be mid-August soon and your  needs for new laptops or Macbooks are some ways off, might as well wait a couple of weeks when mobile computers with Centrino 2, launched by Intel last month, will be available from multiple companies.   That's what I'm doing.

Note:  Dell has some great deals and if you're in the market for a Mac for school,you can get one online or at your school with student discount and a free iPod Touch (rebate for $299).  The deal runs through September 15. 

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