iPhone 3G Issues

According the Business Week, folks who are experiencing 3G problems when using their iPhones may see relief in the form of a software update from Apple.
BW sources have confirmed the issue lies with the 3G chip used by Apple to make the 3G connection.  It has so far affected two to three percent of all high speed traffic on the iPhone resulting in drop calls.  However, a fix is possible through an upgrade from Apple.  This is because the chip, from Infineon, does not detect enough bandwidth, the iPhone will switch to the slower EDGE network.  However, the iPhone requires less 3G signal than the chip is detecting.
And this seems to be an issue in areas where there is a high iPhone penetration such as the Silicon Valley.  
This is the latest in a series of Apple missteps going all the way back to the MobileMe launch.  
What is surprising is that this has happened before when Nokia first launched their 3G phones.  So far Apple has been quiet about the issue.  Carriers in other countries have also pointed the finger at Apple for 3G problems there.
If you're interested in getting an iPhone 3G, it is still fine.  As typical with Apple products or any for that matter, early adopters usually find themselves with technical glitches that are usually remedied through software upgrades.  Eventually, Apple will get to it.  


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