Tuesday, August 5, 2008

iPhone App: Steps

Steps 1.2 is out today.  A week ago, we did a review on the iPhone App, Steps 1.1.  Steps is one of it's kind on the iPhone app store.  Essentially, it's app that turns your phone into a pedometer and lets you keep track of your pace and distance.

In the earlier version, there was a lot of issues including inaccuracy and just simply not working.  That was version 1.0.  I got 1.1 and the issues with accuracy persisted but I found it to be about 80% accurate. Because of all the issues, Steps has gotten a bad rap.  For something that is so promising and costs $2, it is understandable that early adopters were not happy with the app.

Steps 1.2 is out with new algorithms and a calibration tool.  It keeps track of the number of steps, average speed, distance, and calories burnt.

Note:  Holding it on your hands will affect accuracy.  It is recommended you keep it in your pocket or by your waist.  I've kept it in my pocket and it works pretty well with version 1.1.

Initially, I had planned on resting today but I'm excited by the prospect of an improved 1.2 so I'm forced to go for a run and see how how much better 1.2 is over version 1.1.

I'll report back tonight.

Previous review:  Onxo Takes Steps Out for a Run

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