Tuesday, August 19, 2008

iPhone Popular As A Gaming Gadget

Last week, Onxo posted a blog about iPhone gaming.  In it, we asked what is next from Apple?

So far, nothing breath-taking but it has only be six weeks since the iPhone was released but games continue to dominate the charts on the app store.  If we are to see something unique, it may take a while until developers come up with new innovative ways to use the multi-touch and tilting functions.
Still the viability of the iPhone as a gaming platform is looking good.
Right now, we like to see more variety.  We are not saying all the games have to be ground breaking.  I wonder if iPhone needs additional support from Sega and others that traditionally develop for the console.  What do you think?
We know Spore is coming but I also like to see other genres like RPG, RTS, and multi-player games.  Let's hope we'll see them on the coming months.  There are tens of millions of iPhone and iPod Touches that are ripe for the gaming industry.

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