Friday, August 15, 2008

iPhone Will Do It All; Not Meant To Clobber DS Or PSP

I spent about a quarter of my time on my iPhone play games.  And I love every bit of it.  

Gizmodo article makes why the iPhone will never win the mobile gaming.  First, I'm not sure the iPhone was designed for just that purpose in mind.  Second, the article would have something to argue about if all the games that exists on the iPhone to date can only be played by tilting.  Fortunately, that is not the case.  Instead of buttons, controls are literally in your hands.  That is something new.  

Gizmodo brought up old arguments against the original tilting game, Kirby Tilt N Tumble, for the Game Boy to help make its case.   Potholes and bumps.  Seriously.  Really? I think hitting a bump here and there is going to make playing any game on any system a bit difficult.

Now, I believe there really is no the argument whether iPhone is going to dominate gaming.  Let's settle this.  It's not.  What the focus for iPhone gaming is this:  what's next, Apple?  

Honestly, we don't know.  iPhone an exclusive on a game from iD Software but we'll have to see what it is and if it "brings anything new" as Gizmodo requests.  It maybe that the iPhone being showcased with games is a way for Jobs to sell more iPhones and give Apple competitors reason for more ulcers.  

So, what does iPhone, Blackberry, or Android gaming bring?  Competition.  And it breeds innovation from Sony to Nintendo to Microsoft.  In Microsoft's case, the headache for them is a Zune handheld or a mobile Xbox.  In the end, Onxo suspects a bit of both.  But you see the point?  

Better days ahead for mobile gaming.

Oh, I did play some games on trains and buses.  I get major motion sickness and even that did not keep me from doing well.  Okay, I suck at games.  Let's just say bumps and turns didn't make me suck more.   

Note:  By the way, chess, sudoku, and a number of other games do quite well without the need for tilting.  I'm taking a way and see before I am convinced that the iPhone is going to revolutionize mobile gaming.  At most, it'll get folks interested in gaming-on-the go. That in itself is a win for mobile warriors and developers already.  

One More Note:  Check out Gizmodo's page on Astro Ranch.  A must read.  Now, this is gaming!  According to Pocket Gamer, it'll be out for the iPhone in March 2009, then DS.  

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