Monday, August 11, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update for August 11, 2008

The biggest news in Appledom is a WSJ interview with Steve Jobs (via Appleinsider).  Yes, this is the second interview Jobs has given in the last month.  The first one, if you remember, was Jobs talking to New York Times about his health.  So what did Jobs reveal today?
  • Apple is betting on the app store to help sell iPhones and iPods.  It is the same concept  as with the regular iTunes store that sells audio and video media.
  • 60 Million apps downloaded.
  • $30 million  in app sales, about $1 million a day.
  • Majority of the apps downloaded are free.
  • A projected annual sales was pegged at $360 million but it's too early to call right now, don't you think?  
  • There is a call home feature allowing Apple to remotely disable apps as a means to deactivate malicious apps that managed to get through Apple's scrutiny.
  • Richard Doherty, analyst with Envisioneering Group, said Apple caught rivals off guard and has siphoned off developers.
The same WSJ article also has a vidoe from Dan Hoffman, CTO of SMobile Systems showing mobile users how to protect their smartphones from mailicious codes.

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iPhone-iPod Update:
  • ismashphone has some tips for iPhone users.  Some of them most users already know.  I like the headphone tips.
  • Has Apple sold three million iPhones 3G?  In a month?  Gizmodo says so.
  • MobileMe Mail down again.  A must read.  Also sourced from Daring Fireball, information on recent meeting between Jobs and the MobileMe team.  Not sure if the meeting took place as described.
  • Engadget is reporting on GPS problems after upgrading to 2.0.1.  

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