Mac-iPhone Update for August 12, 2008

There are quite a few things happening today.  First, the problem with iPhone connection to 3G was addressed by ATT today.  In a statement, they are working on it with Apple.  There is speculation it may be the chip set Apple use that is causing dropped calls and connection when an user is on the 3G network.  This problem has apparent affected iPhone users in the Netherlands.  Unlike the cracking issue from a couple of weeks ago, this one isn't going to go away it appears. (This portion is copied and pasted from the regular mobile update.)

iPhone-iPod Update:
  • Great.  Why can't they wait until the new iPods to come out before doing this promotion with the X-Files? (Gizmodo)
  • T-Mobile's app store.  How does it compare with Apple's?
  • Appleinsider is reporting Best Buy will start selling iPhones start next month. 
  • the iPhone Blog raised some points about the app store.
  • TUAW reviews app to turn the iPhone into a wireless drive.
  • Macworld reviews Google app.  While it does what it was meant to do well, we can't help but feel there could have been more.  Google saving the best for Android, maybe?
  • Marketwatch's article on iPhone 3G connection problems.  Could be the hardware.
Mac Update:
  • Should Mac owners start worrying about viruses and hackers?
  • Macs in Australia jumped big time (Macworld UK).  I can't wait to see what the summer numbers are from back to school.


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