Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update For August 13, 2008

With the Apple mini stores doing well at Best Buy, Apple figured it now is a good time for Best Buy to take some load off the hours long wait that still happen at some Apple stores.
It also mean that iPhone yield has improved substantially to the point that regular stocks at a three points of distribution, Apple stores, AT&T stores, and Best Buy, can have regular stock.  In addition, Apple has to be pretty confidence about allocation given that the second wave of countries will get enough iPhone allocation for the August 22nd launch.
Also, a fire broke out on Apple campus late Tuesday night causing smoke damage and it took additional fire crew from Santa Clara County Fire Department to get it under control.  No information on whether the mystery device Apple CFO spoke about during the third quarter financial conference was destroyed.  
iPhone-iPod Update:
  • There's still a month or so left for those of you who get summer breaks.  Macworld has assembled some iPhone apps that may help you on your travels.  They've only got two there.  We'll assemble a list of apps ourselves.  I think a few games will be good consider all the time you'll have waiting at the airport.
  • Soon to be iPhone competitor Google received a petition from developers asking for a progress report.  See Google's answer at Macworld.  Here's a clue.  Do you really want to piss off the company that has all the search histories you've ever made, emails, and chats?
  • Not to bring it up again but as unpleasant as this might be for Apple fans, it sucks even more for iPhone fans...owners.  3G problems is not confined to just ATT.  So far Australia and Netherlands iPhone carriers asked customers to seek Apple for answer.  The iPhone Blog has put together a summary of the latest news/innuendos about the issue.
  • Animal Crossing (Touch Arcade) is not just an game.  It is Nintendo DS' game.  And guess what powerful game platform with a lot of gaming potential is it coming to?  
  • Adobe's Bill McCoy's analysis on eBooks and Kindle.  For those of us who would use the iPhone as a reader, this make interest you. (Teleread)  You know, I want to believe that the ebook market is just waiting to explode just like what the dynamic duo of iTunes and iPod did for digital music.  But Kindle isn't going to do it for eBooks.  It's going to take a drastically different model to do it.  Kindle made it easy to buy books.  Great.  But it may take more than that.  Can a digital library with a small monthly fee do the trick?  
Mac Update:
  • There isn't much in ways of update as we wait for Snow Leopard, still a year off, and Macbook upgrades.  C'mon, Apple.  Is the educational promotion holding things back?  Already, Lenovo and HP are gearing up quad-core laptops.  
  • Onxo discusses a bit about Nvidia's Cuda.  We know Apple has its own plans in Snow Leopard.  But it's a good read if you want to know what kind of things a Macbook with a dedicated GPU is going to be capable of and determine for youself if you're the kind of mobile warrior who needs a Macbook Pro.

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