Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update for August 14, 2008

Issues of 3G connection continues to dog the iPhone today.  However, there may be a fix on the way in the form of a software update.  Business Week has some additional details regarding the issue, and it appears more than some analyst craving for attention.
The biggest news today coming out of MacIndom is that the Macbook Air appears primed for an upgrade soon.  Elecronista reports the upgrade will include a 45nm Penryn 2.0Ghz chip.  Of course, this is not be confused with the just released Centrino 2 mobile platform.  There is no mention there.
Also, there may be an increase in HD capability to 120GB standard laptop hard drive and 128GB SSD options.  
Speaking of SSD, we say "think of the data! Your precious data" when it comes to decide if you should get go with the SSD option.
iPhone-iPod Update:
  • How would you like to be able to stream your iTunes library to your iPhone wherever you are?  Appleinsider has some info you'll want to hear.  It sounds like something Apple isn't going to like.  Get the app now!
  • Gizmodo has link to information on Animal Crossing-type game. And it's coming to the iPhone before the DS.
  • ATT will now offer iPhone sales online.  But for business only.
  • iPhone 3G fix is on the way, according to Macworld.
Mac Update:
  • Macrumors has more information and link to the original source on the Macbook Air update that should happen soon.  
  • PBCentral has their analysis to predictions of SSD options for all Macbooks.  Dell is reported to offer 128GB option for only $450.

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