Mac-iPhone Update For August 15, 2008

Please read today's mobile update for the biggest news.  It's about the Android phone.  It's coming.  That's something all Apple fans should follow and be interested in.

Also, Engadget is reporting Lenovo releasing the Thinkpad X301.  How's this as a shot across the bow of the MacBook Air?  Centrino 2.  GPS, WiMax (later), 128GB SSD, DDR3 memory.  Thin as heck and optical drive.  Apple, your serve.

iPhone-iPod Update:
  • iLounge lists the top 10 developers that that users should pay attention to.
  • Onxo responds to Gizmodo's post on iPhone as a gaming machine.  Love to hear from you who you think is right.
  • Information Week is reporting Oracle saw 23K of its app downloaded.  Let's see where this goes as far as enterprise adoption of iPhone 3G going forward.  
  • iPodnn reports a college offering iPhones and iPod Touches to incoming students.
  • The iPhone Blog reports on MobileMe phishing that netted hundreds of victims.
Mac Update:
  • Bringing back yesterday's news, PhoneNews reportedly confirmed information about the next MacBook Air.  Centrino 2 chip at 2.0Ghz, SSD option up to 128GB, bigger battery due to full size CPU.  We may see a cheaper price point for the 128GB SSD option as Dell is offering their own 128GB SSD upgrade for $450.  How cool is competition, eh?  Also, Thinkpad X301 is in the mix.  Read Onxo's take on SSD options and why you might want to consider it despite the perceived premium.
  • TUAW is doing a series of posts this week on back-to-school software.
Also, we're following and waiting on the situation with TmoNews website.  It had promised new details on T-Mobile's Android plans but the site was down all day.


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