Mac-iPhone Update For August 20, 2008

The biggest news today was a nearly missed information (we caught via Yahoo News) was that an Apple representative has acknowledged iPhone update 2.0.2 targets 3G connectivity issues.  We are still waiting to see what the deal is right now.
Meanwhile, an Appleinsider reader received a reply from Steve Jobs that Apple knows about the app crashes and promised a fix by September.  If this is in fact Jobs, we can take that September deadline to the bank.  
Also from Appleinsider, their sources are reporting the current iPod line is nearing an end.  A must read if you're looking to catch Apple stocks in an uptick or in the market for a new iPod.  I know five people who are.  That is looking for a new iPod.
iPhone-iPod Update:
  • Please see above Appleinsider for potential information on when new iPods maybe coming.  
  • iPhone Atlas is reporting copy-paste that may work across apps.  I still don't understand how this will get approval from Apple.  But apparently, folks do.  So, muy bien!
  • Trust Ars Technica to get into the class action lawsuit against Apple over 3G suckiness.
Mac Update:
  • David Alison reports on his Mac switch from Windows.
  • Breaking News:  Apple has released a beta kit for Nvidia's CUDA.  This is a huge surprise.  Last week, Onxo about CUDA, potential benefits, and what Apple has planned that we know about.


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