Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update For August 21, 2008

iTunes is Blocked in China.  We got the tip from Sydney Morning Herald but it's all over the Web now.  What's interesting as far as we're concerned is if Apple allowed this audio protest to go through.  
We're like to hear more about this in the coming days.
iPhone-iPod Update:
  • iPhone Atlas may have a solution to crashes.  It's one of those things that Apple should have made clear to all of us from the beginning.  Regardless, a Sept fix is coming.  Jobs had promised.
  • Huge second wave launch going on right now in more than twenty countries.  
  • With about 2,500 apps in the App Store, the whole thing is a hit with users despite the 3G problems.  Macworld has more.
  • We've all read about rumors that Apple may have experimented with buying coffee at Starbucks with your iPhone.  Now, Japan is looking to make it easier to buy just about everything.  Onxo reports.
Mac Update:
  • Still waiting on updates.  Intel has been busy but Apple will do what it wants when it wants.  Still, encouraging news with Apple's back-to-school sales.  
  • In case you're interested on a new Macbook, Tom's Hardware benchmarked a few that will give you more information to help you decide.  (Onxo)

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