Monday, August 25, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update for August 25, 2008

As we've said in today's mobile update,  Apple may not be to blame for the 3G drop calls and connectivity issues.  The problems may actually be at the feet of the carriers.  Wired also reported an analysis by Teknik & Trender indicated iPhone's reception is no worse or better than other 3G devices on the market.

We will surely hear more in the coming days this week.  As you may already know, Apple was sued by an individual for 3G service issues.

One other thing I want to mention at the top here is Apple's app store commercial.  From iSmashPhone, we have this iPhone commercial:

It seems to be a natural progression with iPhone commercials for Apple to highlight each iPhone feature but the timing of this is interesting.  Maybe we at Onxo is reading too much into this but with T-Mobile offering their own app store for the Android platform and others soon to following, this could be Apple's way of trying to get ready for the barrage of new devices soon to flood the market.  

iPhone-iPod Update:

  • Japan has it and Mexico will soon have it.  Yahoo News is reporting banks in Mexico will allow customers to use their mobile devices to pay for services.  We can download music at Starbucks.  Okay, that sounds really sad.
  • Engadget has information on the iControlPad for the iPhone, turning the iPhone into a real gaming machine with buttons.  Jobs was overheard saying, "they put buttons on my iPhone!"
  • iPhone Atlas has a fix for OS 2.0.2 that is causing more problems than before.
Mac Update:
  • Still waiting on the updates.  There are beginning to be rumblings about special September events but we already know that.  Be patient.  

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