Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update For August 27, 2008

I don't want to waste your time regurgitating what others have reporting.

Right now, we can clearly see the fire of innovations brewing at Mount Cupertino.  The armies of Jobs is ready to unleash something we've never seen before (probably not) and at cheaper prices (very likely).

We're in a lull as we wait for the following:

  • iPod line update
  • Macbook/Macbook Pro update
  • iPhone 2.1 update
The biggest issue remains to be 3G connectivity but recent reports seem to suggest the problems may be the wireless providers and not the iPhone 3G.  The Blackberry Bold also has the same issue.
Also keep an eye on T-Mobile and Google.  Supposedly, folks will be able to pre-order the first Android-based phone in mid-September.  While a war between Google and Apple fans is not necessarily, a quick look around Android-centric sites is showing phandroids are excited and may be looking to mix it up.  
Personally, I'm saying "bring it".  I love my iPhone and these annual updates just isn't fast enough for me.  Oh, hey, I'm not taking sides though I see the benefits in all this.
If Apple and Google were to go at it (through innovation rather than mud-slinging), maybe we'll see the two tech giants and others caught in between pick up the pace of releasing new features and gadgets.

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