Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update for August 5, 2008

The biggest news of the day (yesterday) is Jobs admitting it was a mistake to do multiple launches, resulting in the MobileMe debacle.

At times, Mac news may be exciting or completely dead such as today.  But we did receive some news that should make shareholders and Apple fans cheery even though there are no potential fake images of the next Apple product.

iPhone-iPod Update:

  • iPhone update was made available yesterday.  There was some rumblings about it bricking some phones.  It has only been a day since the update was made available so we'll wait and see.  However, there has been some discussion about the cause and potential solution.  
  • Gizmodo is reporting tat Quake is now available on the iPhone via jailbreak via Cydia installer.  
  • This was to be expected but sad nonetheless.  PDA Street is reporting here will be no Palm emulator through the official iTunes app store.  Hope someone will make it available through jailbreak channels.  Reason to keep jail-breaking.  I understand Apple's position here but still, it would have been nice.
  • iTunes continue to dominate in music sales after it surpassed Walmart earlier this year.  Amazon with its growing DRM-free MP3 catalog moved up one space to fourth.  
Mac Update:
  • I'm a Mac user too, okay?  One of the good guys.  Here you go.  There's a new anti-virus for the Mac.  Yes.  And it's free.  In beta.  The nerve of these guys, eh?
  • Yankee Group reported the high level of Mac in enterprise since the late 80s.  It's quite a comeback if you think about it.  I wonder what we'll see a year from now.  Will Vista have to worry?  (9to5Mac)

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