Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update for August 7, 2008

Two main issues that rushed to the forefront of the iPhone world today.  The first is the discovery of the ability for Apple to remotely disable apps.  I think just about everyone is using ET or the "phoning home" reference.  I'm not kidding.

Also big is Google's android problem.  For more, we spoke a bit about it this afternoon.  Then Barron's blog had more details about HTC shaking down Google for cash and evaporating developer support.

We were more interested in what Apple may be planning as far as remotely stream media to the iPod Touch and iPhone.  This is what I've been looking for!  Appleinsider has an article that's easy to understand.

iPhone-Ipod Update:
  • Onxo followed up on battery saving tips with a video from CNET.  The phone used is the iPhone 3G.  The tips applicable to other mobile devices.
  • This is a game we like to highlight for the iPhone, Light Bikes.  Go to TouchArcade for the juice stuff.  You'll agree.  Also the same developers are working on other games that I think most iPhone users will appreciate.  
  • TUAW has tips on how to change the font for Notes on the iPhone.  One thing though.  It involves switching keyboard type and  you have to do it every single time you create a new note.  Since I like the original font, I think I'll be staying with it.
  • iPhone Atlas explains what the "White Apple Logo Screen of Death" is.  Now that I think about it, it might have happened to my mom's iPhone yesterday.  
  • Dude, not cool.  PhoneSaber has been pulled from the app store.  Hope you got yours.  I wonder if Apple will use their "phone  home" feature in the future to pull and disable app in situations like this.  
Mac Update:
  • Unfortunately, there is nothing of significance Onxo can report on Macbooks as we try not to get into the rumor business too much.  At least ones that we have no way to deduce from other facts or past Apple behaviors.  We're talking about the Macbook Touch for example.  Some brilliant analyst came out and said Apple will have a press event for new Macbooks and iPods.  Well, I think we'll actually see but who's counting. 

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