Friday, August 8, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update for August 8, 2008

There isn't lot a lot of fanfare for this subject but Nokia and Microsoft may be further along in discussion than Apple fans should be comfortable with.  As mobile users goes, more competition the better, right?  However, this is certainly not set in stone just yet.  Remember when Apple and Motorola worked together in the iTunes phone?  Maybe this is the same thing.  Note that Microsoft already has Windows Mobile.  Somehow Microsoft believes deal with the competitor is better through Nokia than going at it alone with Windows Mobile. 

For Nokia, it is a curious situation.  It could be as simple as  the "my enemy's enemy" situation but we won't know until this actually pans out. 

iPhone-iPod Update:
  • Google's Translate service now iPhonized.  Like that?  I made it up myself.  It's pretty cool.  Better than Google's own iPhone app in fact.
  • iPhone Atlas reported availability of FMTouch from FMwebschool allowing users to use Filemaker Pro on their iPhone.  
  • Appleinsider got a tip that T-Mobile is set to deploy their own app store.  Onxo will be following up to see how they plan on making this work with phones from across different platforms and varying degrees of functionalities.  As a T-Mobile subscriber, I am excited.  We'll be watching this closely.
  • About two weeks left for the second wave of countries set for iPhone launches.  Those in the third (and likely fourth) wave can take comfort in the next bullet.  Alright, no one takes comfort in anyone waiting a year and a half to finally get an iPhone.  As a famous American once said, "I feel  your pain...mmm...donuts..."
  • Crunchgear is reporting the availbility of 32GB flash memory by the Christmas.  It doesn't meant we'll see these things in mobile devices by Christmas but we may see 32GB iPhones by first quarter of 2009.  Good things in the form of 32GB iPhones for those who wait (who have no choice but to wait).
Mac Update:
  • MacdailyNews, via Barrons, is reporting that Credit Suisse believes Macs will outgrow the rest of the PC market for some years.  We think this may be possible the anticipated price cut from Apple takes hold.  
  • Macworld:  Macbooks in high demands at higher eductional institutes.  43% of incoming students who plan on getting a laptop for school will pick a Macbook.  Dell leads with a commanding 39% to Apple's 19% for students who plan on getting a desktop.  The ghost of the Dell dude lives on campus still.

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