Monday, August 4, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update

Apple has released iPhone OS 2.0.1 update.  Appleinsider is the iphone is now more responsive, faster sync (anyone already on 2.0 know what I'm talking about), and general app upgrades as well.  I want to thank brave souls for plunging it first.  Let me know what it's like.

The former big news of the day are some screen shots from a Chinese blog reportedly show what the new Macbook will look like.  It's looking a lot like the Macbook Air. For takes on this, see the following sites:
  • Appleinsider provides some comparisons with the Macbook Air as both sets of pictures look eerily similar. 
  • Macrumors is providing a little cover to, the Chinese blog, regarding potential authenticity of these pictures. had previously provided pictures of earlier pictures of the coming Macbook that the Mac community had no reason to believe they were fakes. 
  •  Engadget offers some analysis, mainly to say to the pictures fall in line with rumored information about the Macbook. 
We should know by the end of September.  That's what Onxo is predicting based on some indirect observations.

iPhone-iPod Updates:
  • Onxo on the App Store and what other platform/phone makers can learn.
  •  TechCrunch is reporting Apple building eight hundred thousand iphones a week.  Initial figures from some quarters put Apple's full year shipment at 25 million. That figure then changed to 40 million but reportedly now, that has even been surpassed.  One billion phones were estimated to have been shipped last year, including ones nobody wants. 
Mac Updates:
  • Intel provided more information the discreet not quite-GPU GPU, Larrabee.  Timing-wise, 2009-2010.  Snow Leopard can use something like this.  If Intel can get it out 2009, Apple may use it as reported by Macrumors. It's a source from a source from another source.  The main plug for this GPU is the ease in which functionality can be switched from  GPU to a general purpose processor. 
  • Just a thought but has anyone wondered just how long Apple will support today's GPU or ones from a year ago when Snow Leopard or the nex OS comes out? 
  • Sun, which has been struggle for attention, shipped its new StarOffice beta for OS X.  Still manages to cause zero ripple.  $69.  Riiight...

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