Monday, August 18, 2008

Mac Update for August 18, 2008

Apple has release iPhone 2.0.2 today.  So far, "exit polls" based on forums dedicated the iPhone is showing no improvements with 3G performance.
That was the biggest news of the day for the Mac or the iPhone.  We really do not expect much by way of Apple unless we hear stuff from the usual list of rumor sites (Onxo will only talk about them if it in any way may impact mobility in general) because Apple will begin their second save of iPhone launches this Friday.  I think we're close to about 25 countries for this round.  
Appleinsider has confirmed a second source of iPhone for Turkey.  They also mentioned ongoing discussions in Russia and China but, you know, when it happens, it happens.  
iPhone-iPod Update:
  • Just about everyone I know has Pandora on their iPhones.  Bad news, guys.  TUAW explains why Pandora maybe shutting down.  Yes, it's about money.  Perhaps we can look for operations like this to go overseas...say Russia.  We aren't exactly buddy-buddy with them right now with the whole Georgian (the country, not the state) invasion thing going on.  
  • This may be of concern for Apple fans but not necessarily all mobile warriors. Cnet is reporting Google is testing mobile ads.  Why is this important?  Because Google may be willing to use profits and revenues from the ads to lower the prices of  Android phones and connectivity.  Relax, folks.  Apple not only "think different" but also "think forward" moves at a time.  Innovation, innovation, innovation.  Plus, it isn't like they can't do the same thing if they wanted to.  
  • Fun read from Cult of Mac.  Analyst in their post believes there will be an enterprise version of the iPhone that includes a slide-out keyboard.  Add an user-friendly battery while you're at it.  The dude basically is asking Apple to give users everything we ever asked for on the iPhone now that we've gotten 3G and GPS.  At the end of the post, he did say it was all pretend.  Apparently, it's a part of his job.  
Mac Update:
  • Appleinsider is reporting Macs being loaded onto cruise ships and hotels.  
  • Georgian cyberattacks.  Prelude to what we may see as a part of future wars?  Ars Tehnica reports.
  • Macworld analyzes the impact of Steve P Jobs.  If you're new to the whole Mac scene, and judging by the market share, there quite a lot of you, he was one of the original founders of Apple Computer.  He briefly left Apple (forced out) and only to return in the late 90s when Apple was on the brink of oblivion.  Since then, Apple has become the standard bearer in computing, mobility, and design.  Here's a wiki about him.  Alright, the guy in the black turtle neck and jeans.  Also the guy behind Pixar.  

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