Monday, August 18, 2008

Mobile Health

For some of mobile workers, it means a trek from one side of their house or apartment to the other side and parking themselves in their home office chair.  For others, it's couple of blocks to the bus or subway station.  Then we've got some folks who drive to work.
And we work long hours.  So, where is there time for the twenty to thirty minutes workouts we need every day?
I know some people wake up early for runs or hit the gym after work.  That's great.  I'm one of those people, in theory.  Okay, I do that but not as often as I like.  So, what do we do to at least make up a little of it or even get started on some simple work routine?
Well, I think it's alright to take a walk during work if possible.  Here are a few things I do that helps on days when I'm not able to get to a gym.
  • Walk when possible.  Don't take the elevator.  It is a couple of minutes up and another couple of minutes down.  Don't take the escalator either.  
  • Set specific time each hour to get up to stretch a bit.  Go push up against the fall and work your calves.  You'll notice a different right away about the amount of knots and stress it relieves.  What you're also doing is changing your routine.  It's certainly a game changer.
  • Even when you're sitting, flex your legs and work on your abs.  You'd be amazed how much exercise you can do around your desk or cubicle.
  • Breathing exercise can also help as well.  
There are just some things I can come up with off the top of my head.  It's a daily routine for me.  I also recommend getting a simple free weight exercising book.  My brother and I bought the Complete Navy Seal Fitness.  It's got a 12 week exercise regiment that you can follow.  What I got out of it were some simple workout routines that I can use where I got.  Work, home, gym.  Just about anywhere.
Keep in mind, this is not going to replace the need for regular exercise.  But it's something.

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