Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mobile Tip: Battery Tips from CNet (With Video)

In late July, Onxo came up with a list of battery saving tips to help mobile users extend the battery life of their devices. It was one of our most sought after article.

Now, CNet has pretty much the same thing in video form.  Though they used an iPhone 3G, a lot of the same suggestions can be applied to any mobile 2.5G or 3G devices.  This goes for the Onxo tips as well.

The video title is called "Maximizing iPhone 3G Battery Life".

In watching the video, we left out a couple of items from our earlier post.  GPS.  Turn it off if you can.  If you're not using it.  It might be used by location-based apps.  We don't know if it's actually doing anything when you're using the GPS function but leave it off until you need it?  It goes the same for the location function in the iPhone.

It's kind of cool to have that in Loopt but we don't need it on all the time.

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