Mobile Tip: Give Your iPhone Away

Selling the iPhone as Macworld suggests in their article may have been prudent before the new iPhone came out but now, it's really not something worth pursuing.  Yes, there is a market out there for it but the premium it commands simply is not there anymore.

Give your iPhone away, unlocked.  That's right.  If you're going to get locked into a new contract, might as well get the new iPhone 3G.  Find a deserving friend or family member and pass it along.  Let them use it with their current contract.  Imagine the enormous amount of good will it'll generate as well.  If you really want, sell it to them cheap.  Here's why:

  • You may have already invested in apps already.  It easier to pass it a long to someone and not waste what you've already got.
  • It's an iPhone.  Not an iPod Touch.  Seems like an awful waste to me.  On that subject, the mapping does not work as well if you're only relying on WiFi.  
  • If you're as passionate about mobile devices as we are, you can know that whoever you pass your iPhone too will take good care of it.  
  • It's jailed broken and unlocked.  If something happens, you're able to help the person out.
  • You will another convert for the Apple fan club.  Think of the halo effect it might generate as well.  They might graduate to a Mac or a new iPhone in the future.

So, this is exactly what I'm going to do.  After that, I'll be moving onto the new Android phone simply because I like trying new mobile devices.  But rest assured, I've not abandoned Apple's mobile platform.   I'll also be investing a next generation iPod Touch when it comes out.

Regardless, make sure you wipe your data before you give it away.


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