Monday, August 4, 2008

Mobile Tip (iPhone Only): NetShare

This is a tip for iPhone only.  Sorry, folks but this is very important.  As some of you know, Apple has been playing hide-and-seek with iPhone owners using NetShare, an app allowing the iPhone to be tethered with another mobile device like a laptop.

Apple put Netshare on the App Store twice only to put them off the App Store twice.  According a communication from Nullriver, the developer of NetShare, they are working with Apple in restoring NetShare onto iTunes.

There is no indication when that might be.

So, here's the tip:  if Netshare becomes available again, get it!  Even if you don't need it.  Even if you're not an iPhone user, get it.  There's no telling if Apple will change it's mind again.

(Source:  Macrumors)

Note:  today, another iPhone app, BoxOffice was also taken down with no explanation from Apple.

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