Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mobile Tip: OpenDNS with Phishing Tools

Previously on Onxo, we shared with you some common sense tip and discussion on phishing and cyber thieves.  What we neglected to explain what phishing is for some of our more novice readers.  Phishing is an attempt by cyber thieves through e-mails or false websites designed to look like the real thing.  It could be a bank or a shopping portal like Amazon.  They look and feel like the same thing except once you click on it, the phishers will attempt to fright or simply cordially ask you to divulge information that will allow them to steal from you. 

Popular phishing attempts can come from eBay, Paypal, or a bank.  So, what's new Onxo can offer now?  Well, not Onxo but an article from Macworld that introduces a DNS service called OpenDNS, a free service with phishing tools.  How does this help mobile warriors and other computer users?

Basically, most of us are using the domain name server provided to us by our internet service provider (ISP).  Domain name servers (DNS) is an address book for the Internet.  Without getting into it much more, you can use the servers from OpenDNS with phishing protection that helps is always up and running and sorts through the DNS that are responsible for a lot of phishing activities.

Macworld, and Onxo agree, that this is a very valuable tool to have against cyberthreats and works with all browsers including Safari that was decried by Consumer Reports for not having phishing tools. 

What it all comes down to as we have said is common sense.  Most services will not ask for logins, passwords, and social security numbers directly over the Internet and if there is an issue, I've always found it prudent to call customer service to resolve it. 

Let us know if you're going to try OpenDNS and how it goes.

Note:  OpenDNS counts UPS and Kaiser Permanente as its customers.  Also, if you need help setting it up, Macworld has a simple guideline for OS X and OpenDNS has their own set of help at their support page.  For me, when I need help, I call my friend Dave but I was able to handle this one on my own. 

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