Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mobile Tip: Protect Your Mobile Devices (Regardless of what you have)

I dropped my iPhone last week while jogging.  After it hit the pavement, in my clumsiness, I also kicked it and it scraped across the street.  My heart stopped. I ran to it not because there was an on coming car but because it was my dearest mobile device.

Luckily, it fell on its back and the back was a bit more scratched but not as bad as I thought.  The front glass part was fine.  There is a battle scar just above the camera but everything worked fine.

Then, I dropped it again this weekend this time face down and again, in my panic, I managed to kick it again.  I stopped myself before heading over to turn it over.  I was afraid what disfiguration I was going to see.

Guess what?  I'm happy to report NOT A SCRATCH!  Is the glass as resilient as what I've experienced?  I want to hear from other iPhone owners.

So, then I came across Blackberrysync's post on an mishaps Boy Genius experienced with his Blackberry Bold.  Be warned.  It's quite graphic.  If you don't have the stomach for something like this, move along to the rest of this post.

Whatever you own, iPhone, Blackberry, the variety of HTC devices like Instinct, protect it.  You're likely going to be using your mobile device for a couple of years so it's worth buying a case or protective wear for it.  They cost from a low $20 and up.

Also consider investing in protective films for the display.  It'll save you a lot of heartaches.

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