Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mobile Tip: Second Monitor Makes It So Much Easier

I don't like to print documents or webpages out because I'm a bit green as far as the plant lives on this planet are concerned.  So, I continually have to flip between windows.

On Leopard, the newest OS for the Mac, I'm able to use a virtual desktop feature called Spaces that lets me quickly flip between desktops as I work on different tasks.  And to make it even better I attached a 17" LCD screen to the Powerbook giving me more than double the viewing real estate.

I've noticed whether I'm writing, creating a storybook for my nephews, or putting together an iMovie project, the flexibility and being able to see pretty much everything has greatly improved efficiency and the quality of the work (quality, okay, it's arguable).  

Virtual desktop software:

On the Mac, you'll have to upgrade to Leopard for native Spaces support.  

What about Windows?  Didn't think we leave our Windows mobile warriors out, did you?  Try Deskman, a PowerToy, from Microsoft.  In fact, I think it's one of the better implementations.  It's simple.  It does not let you assign applications to a specific desktop the way spaces does but it's easy to use.

For Linux users, virtual desktops is a part of your life.  Here is an article on how to use virtual spaces from  It's very good read.  Not too technical which is the way I like it.  It's a good read even if you use a Mac or PC.

In our next post, we'll introduce you to synergy and teleport for Windows and Mac respectively.

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