Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mobile Tip: Take Your Mobile Devices With You At Time

I've done this before.  Leave my backpack in my car thinking I won't be long.  All the while, I worry if I'll see my Apple laptop and data and all my research material.  Folks, the economy ain't what it used to be.

Take heed from this poor unlucky man who had his bag with his Macbook and registeration stolen, car vandalized, and sense of security and well-being violated (Powerpage.org).

I don't ever want this to happen to me and I don't want it to happen to my dear readers.  Nor anyone else.  But it is bound to happen and it likely will at some point in our life.  At least if it happens, no one gets hurt.

Anyway, Chris, the man who had this happened to,  has some recommendations for us:
  1. Take your backpack with you.
  2. If you must leave your valuables in your car, use the trunk.  I've got tinted windows and at times, a tower I used at the gym.  I cover my backpack but really, the trunk or if you've got a SUV, the space behind your backseats.  If there is a cover, use it.
  3. Show no evidence that at any point do you have electronics in the car.  The suction cup marker is a dead giveaway and thieves could care less if they see your GPS or gadgets through the windows.  If it's enticing and convenient, you're asking for it.
I've got a couple of recommendations myself.  There is no such thing as a safe neighborhood.  In this economic state we're in (the United States), do not assume "it's safe".  I live in a relatively nice city but local papers have reported sharp increases in robberies and houses and vehicles have been broken into at a neighboring city because of its higher income residence.

Also thieves recognize the white buds of the head sets.  If you know what that means, so do muggers.  It's almost the same as brandishing to the world you've got an iPod or iPhone.  Get a cheap set if you have to.  It should help.

Also, if keep that old laptop.  It might be worth it to bringing that instead your brand new Macbook on some trips.

One more thing:  Always check your six.

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