Monday, August 11, 2008

Mobile Update for August 11, 2008

It's Monday.  There isn't any overarching mobile issue.  If there is one, it's an increasing number of websites reporting on the iPhone 3G issues.  Like the problem that crept up earlier about the cracking, we have not learned more about it. 

Also, Onxo had an article today regarding the increasing diverse Internet users whose native language.  I just so happens to have read a Newsweek has an article about rising nationalism in China (it was an article that was kind of all over the place) that had a variety of paradoxes.  

In a way, the article is relevant to what we are talking about.   The intertwining of China and the West does beg the question of how Internet mobile workers (I lumped everyone involved in any contact with China/India in as mobile workers), especially those of us thrusted into a very complicated relationship through our work, will communicate over the Internet in the next few years or even the next few decades.  Let's be honest, political leaders on both side have no idea how to define the other.  It may be up to us to decide on that.  

It's confusing isn't it?  I am still trying to figure things out myself.  Keep in mind, Onxo is not endorsing learning a particular language but we are saying English will increasingly not be the dominant force on the Internet as before.  It's a reality we need to face.

Mobile Update:
  • A week or so ago, Techcrunch reported Amazon has sold 240K units of Kindle.  However, they are now reporting estimates double what they had reported earlier.  
  • As we mentioned at the top, there are 3G connection issues for the iPhone.  As usual, this is greeted with silience so we'll wait and see what this is all about over the next couple of days.  It is entirely possible ATT is experience growing pains as iPhone 3G sales are pegged at 3 million (obviously, not all are for use on ATT).  
  • Last week, we reported the cancellation of the only Access (APL) phone.  Now, Treocentral is reporting Access will now focus on mobile Internet devices.  Last year, Palm cancelled their smartphone companion device, the Foleo.  It may be that Access now see the potential for such a Foleo-like device without the need for a smartphone.  
Mobile Issues:
  • Onxo asks what are English Internet users missing out?
  • Gmail was down a bit day.  It's life on the cloud.  I wonder if the cloud will ever be robust enough.  Or is good enough all we're going to get?
  • A new tool for mobile warriors to communicate.  VOIP competitor to Google's Grandcentral.  Web Worker Daily reports.
Today's Mobile/Blogging Tips:
  • Try Lynx, text browser, to cut down on wireless costs.  
  • Mippin converts your website for mobile viewing.  I tried it with Onxo.  It looks great.  I also tried it with CNN just for the fun of it.  It worked very well.

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