Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mobile Update for August 12, 2008

There are quite a few things happening today.  First, the problem with iPhone connection to 3G was addressed by ATT today.  In a statement, they are working on it with Apple.  There is speculation it may be the chip set Apple use that is causing dropped calls and connection when an user is on the 3G network.  This problem has apparent affected iPhone users in the Netherlands.  Unlike the cracking issue from a couple of weeks ago, this one isn't going to go away it appears.

Now, we do not like rumors but we brought this in only because of the impact it may have on the mobile market.  Accoring to TmoNews, T-Mobile may begin to offer G1, codename for the Android phone, for preorder beginning on September 17.  Mark that date.  Onxo breaks down what it means if true.

Onxo Update:
Mobile Device Update:
  • HTC Touch Pro available in Great Britain.  I won't tell you how much it'll cost or else you might not go check it out.
  • New laptops from Dell.  Including one with 19 hours of battery life.  Upon further analaysis, jkOnTheRun gives a preview on how Dell does it.
  • Lenovo follows HP with their own quad-core Thinkpad.  Some spects here.
Mobile Issues:
  • Get ready for avalanche of states to start taxing digital downloads.  Why?  What's next?  Tax on air we breath, based on cubic meters?
  • Ars Technica debunks rumors of Android and S60 joining forces.
  • Teleread wonders if libraries should have their own ebook readers.
  • Minneapolis has a city-wide WiFi plan that is working so far.

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