Friday, August 15, 2008

Mobile Update For August 15, 2008

The biggest news today, and coming in a Friday, is NY Times confirming the arrival of HTC Dream by Christmas, hedging their bet also with an October release.  With that said, the article included details similar to details we found from a TmoNews article earlier this week.

TmoNews late yesterday posted a tease for more details this morning but their site was down all of today.  They promised to be back as soon as possible.  They lamented the fact that NYT beat them to the punch but promises more exclusive details once they are back up and running.  From where I'm sitting, they're the one who beat NYT with when they reported on pre-orders for existing customers on September 17.

Mobile Device Update:
  • BlackberrySync is reporting Rogers will be offering the BB Bold for $399 with contract.  So much for $199 or less when we see it in the US.
  • Daily Tech is reporting Intel to launch their own SSD third quarter of 2008.  It means any time now.  Higher capabity in 2009.
  • Ubergizmo offers specs on Palm Treo Pro.  PalmInfoCenter has simliar information as well.
  • SSD Drive is worth the investment (Onxo)
  • Android PHone is definitely coming in 2008 (Onxo)
  • Gizmodo has details on new Thinkpad X301. 
Mobile Issues:
  • Onxo likes 4-day work weeks but may not work for mobile warriors.
  • Onxo discuss the possibility of a national wireless network.
  • Crunchgear gets into a bit on what a McCain Presidency means us mobile and gadget folks.
  • Wired gets into TSA allowing travelers to keep laptops in bags if the bags are checkpoint friendly.
Be sure to come back tomorrow for a round up of the last week's round-ups on things important to mobility.  Also, we're following and waiting on the situation with TmoNews website.  It had promised new details on T-Mobile's Android plans but the site was down all day.

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