Monday, August 18, 2008

Mobile Update for August 18, 2008

The biggest news today is the near confirmation that we'll see the Android phone from HTC some time during November.  We gathered and posted information on this breakthrough.  I guess WSJ has a lot of contemplating to do.

One thing we're noticing a lot of developers and phone makers doing, which we think is a bad habit, is getting the phone out the door on time and then pretend to "improve performance" and add features when it really should have been there in the first place.  Apple started doing that a year ago when we original iphone adopters paid to be a part of their beta program.  Now, Sprint is doing the same with their Instinct. 

And guess what?  Google like doing the same with their Android SDK.  So, while I'm glad they'll get the HTC Dream out the door on time, those of us who will be getting it are subjecting ourselves to be willing participants in the Android beta program.

Just thought you want to know that.

Onxo Update:
Mobile Device Update:
  • Engadget Mobile reported FCC has approved the THC Dream for dreamers.
  • Cnet is reporting Google is testing mobile ads.
Mobile Issues:
  • Bummer, dudes.  Pandora radio may shut down due to high royality fees.
  • iPhone 2.0.2 is out.  Wired does not see consistent improvement with 3G issues.  Preliminary checks around Mac/iPhone-focused forums does not show a marked improvement with 3G performance.  It's like exit polls.  Need more information.  This is an important issues to all mobile warriors, why?  Because like we said at the top of the post, carriers are increasingly allowing half-finished devices to released for a variety of reasons.  We are going to see this problem and others like it come up again and again.
  • Gizmodo has posted a video of the latest Android SDK.  Definitely watch to see what you're getting into.
  • Georgian cyberattacks.  Prelude to what we may see as a part of future wars?  Ars Tehnica reports.

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