Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mobile Update for August 19, 2008

It started with 1GB.  Today, we're at 128GB (cheapest we've seen is an upgrade from Dell for $450).  Now, at the Intel Developer Forum, future chips and SSD are all the rage. By future, we are talking 2010 and beyond.  Still those mobile warriors not quite ready to upgrade this year will be in for the i7, Larabee, and possibly fast SSDs the turn of the deca-year.
  • For now, Engadget is reporting Intel ship its line of SSD next month.  160GB for $1,280, 80GB for $640.  Just consider that Apple was asking for $1000 for only the 64GB back in January.  
  • Anandtech has more information on Intel's SSD tech.  
  • Note:  You can probably find more generic chips with some SSD resulting in cheaper dollars per GB.  But give it a few more months and we may see those prices drop significantly if the past is any indication.
Mobile Device Update:
  • If Crackberry is correct, WSJ mobile reader is free.  You can go here directly to WSJ.
  • Engadget is reporting Intel
  • Archos announced their Archos 5 and 7 today.  Now, if it just runs iPhone OS.  They're being called the Internet Media Tablets.  It uses Opera, does Flash, supports lots of formats, big drives, and lets you watch and record TV.  Oh, there's a sim card slot too.  But the battery life needs work.  Mediocre at best.  As this market heats up, Onxo would live to see the battery life augmented. 
  • Yahoo News is reporting Apple spokewoman has indicated yesterday's 2.0.2 improves 3G connectivity.  So far, reports from the Web says otherwise. 
Mobile Issues:
  • Is the high cost of SMS holding back mobility as mjelly mobile believes?
  • Hmm...pretty honest editorial about the iPhone from a Windows Mobile user at Mobility Today.  I too like both but I'm putting the iPhone in a different market simply because it's trying to be more than a smartphone.  
  • Treocentral (this news is all over the web though) is reporting mobile phone sales are down.  Pinned up demand for better things like the iPhone 3G?  Economic hardship?  Folks already happy with what they've got?  

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