Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mobile Update For August 20, 2008

The biggest news today, perhaps missed by everyone is FCC chairman would like to see mobile Internet access for everyone.  Swell guy, no?  Valley Wag is via USA Today, reports Kevin Martin, who is playing this very smartly given the political climate and that it's an election year, would like to give you and me, you rich guys and me poorer by the day, free wireless broadband.
How does he plan on doing that?  Read on.  We'll be discussion this in a post later tonight.  Let's just say not everyone's on board with this one.  T-Mobile and rural phone providers.  See?  You have to read the whole article.
Mobile Device Update:
  • Treo Pro shows Palm not dead...yet.
  • Onxo does not believe a quad-core laptop is for everyone.
  • Onxo on whether Archos has what it takes to take down the iPod Touch.
  • T-Mobile's AWS Launch Schedule (
  • Engadget reports Intel has a XO-type Classmate PC.
  • TmoWorld via Gizmodo has specifics on pre-order next month from T-Mobile.
Mobile Issues:
  • USA Today reports on FCC's pipe dream to offer free wireless broadband.  Lobbyists and their congressional lapdogs will check with their bank first thing in the morning if their accounts are big enough for the flood of telecom money.
  • Japan will make a push to sell mobile phones to the world, specifically those with features we hear about but probably will never see it here.  I can imagine the day when I don't have to carry my wallet around. I do envision the day when my mobile device will my wallet, driver license, credit card, identicard (with uncle S looking out for us - by watching our every thought, for our own good), and mobile communication center.

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