Mobile Update for August 22, 2008

Apple's iPhone is now available on 21 more countries.  So far, no one seems to be covering it so much, I guess with the Olympics going on and all.

On Onxo, we talked about the prospects (not good) about FCC Chairman's dream of providing wireless broadband for all of the US.  Please read to find out why it'll be difficult and we must try away.

The other big news today is Yahoo News reporting Google and Verizon buddying up to use Google Search as the default search engine for its phones.  Not a bad day's work.  But until it happens, it may be Verizon just playing Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo against each other to get the better deal. Verizon and Google were bitter rivals leading up to the 700Mhz auctions.  So, it's news that they are even talking.  Business is business.

Mobile Device Update:
  • XO laptop gains acceptance when every child in Niue will get one.  
  • TmoNews has more updates on the latest T-Mobile lineup for the 3G launch.
  • Mobile Computer on comparing Bold and iPhone Browsing.
Mobile Issues:


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