Monday, August 25, 2008

Mobile Update For August 25, 2008

The biggest news today is the Democratic Convention.  While there won't be a lot of about technology or mobile issues being discussed, Onxo feels Americans in general should get back into the know about who the people are that are trying seize the opportunity to lead the nation for the next four years.  The Republican Convention will follow in two weeks.

Now, today's biggest mobile issue is reports that Apple may not be to blame for the 3G drop calls and connectivity issues.  The problems may actually be at the feet of the carriers.  Wired also reported an analysis by Teknik & Trender indicated iPhone's reception is no worse or better than other 3G devices on the market.

To be sure, Wired thanked participating websites that are heavily Apple centric sites.  With that said, a lot of users are unhappy with their 3G situations and aren't likely to be protecting Apple in anyway for this study.

Mobile Device Update:

  • GMS Arena is reporting new phones from Nokia.  Supports the N-Gage platform.  Earlier, I indicated some companies making the mistake of mashing features together with any kind of cohesion.  Nokia is dangerously close to doing that.
  • Engadget reports Asus offers EEE users their own cloud.  Not sure if this is what we talked about earlier, but Asus was interested in providing their own MobileMe like service for their EEE users.
  • Yahoo News said Intuit offers web-based access to Quickbooks for Blackberry and the iPhone.  It's nice to see that web app development are still progressing even after everyone is trying to create their own app stores.
  • TmoNews reports Dallas is 3G live for T-Mobile users.  Moving west...
  • Mobile Catcher reviews iPhone 3G, Diamon, and Instinct.
Mobile Issues:
  • Yahoo News reports Mexicans may soon be able to pay for services via their cell phones.  Well, so what?  We Americans can...will get back to you on that one...
  • RCR Wireless reports Google launches its own election site.  Good to know.  We can keep track on which politicans are trying to screw us mobile warriors.  You can go there directly.
  • Most of the major news outlets have a mobile version of their regular website.  If you have a phone with a WAP browser and access to the Internet, you'll likely be able to find a mobile site of your favorite news source.  If you're on the iPhone or a smartphone with full-featured browser like Opera or a variant of the Web-Kit, you should have no problem accessing the regular site.  Mobile sites do offer no nonsense material without much of the graphics, enabling you to get right to the material.  

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