Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mobile Update for August 26, 2008

I suspect we'll be talking more about Google and Android over the next few weeks as they will dominate with the G1.  We'll see a lot of iPhone killer discussions.  Personally, as an iPhone owner I welcome another player in the mobile realm as this will only make things interesting and drive up competition.

But for Android, I wonder if they're going down the same path as Apple is.  Creating not just smartphones but a new market of mobile devices and new ways for mobile warriors to flex their brains and truly be mobile.

Just as MobileMe is locked in with the iPhone, Google's cloud offerings will play a big role with Android phones.  I love to see how the two innovative companies drive their philosophies into the mindset of users.

Similarly, we'll see how are others like RIM, Nokia, and Microsoft are going to respond.

Mobile Device Update:

  • Daily Tech reports Nokia's N96 will be available for a low low price of...(being sarcastic)
  • Engadget Mobile an unboxing of Blackberry Bold for those of us in the Middle America who won't see it for a bit longer.
  • Appleinsider is reporting that Blackberry Bold has similar 3G issues as the iPhone.  When the 3G connectivity problem first surfaced, providers happily guided users to point finger at Apple.  Still, it's too early and we'll have to see if Wired's report plays out.
  • Android Guys has more details on the Dream.  TmoNews has more specs for the first ever Android phone.  There are conflicting information about messaging however.  Read with care.
  • PC World is saying Android will be less as Google takes out Gtalk and certain Bluetooth support.

Mobile Issues:

  • Daily Tech reports a few companies including Google comes to the aid of Milpitas, CA after Earthlink screws them over.  An alliance of companies will continue to offer free WiFi.
  • Onxo asks why Microsoft doesn't just use XP as a mobile platform.  After all, the XP is finding its way onto the XO and Apple managed to fit OS X onto the iPhone.
  • Onxo on movement powered chargers.

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