Mobile Update For August 27, 2008

Yesterday, Microsoft's 120GB Zune popped onto folks' radars and Microsoft confirmed its existence.  Furthermore, it also said there were other things it is working on.

At this point, we're going to get a lot of conjectures and rumors.  The consensus is for Microsoft to make their own Zune Touch or at the very least, a Zune with a bigger screen.  In the past, some iPod fans had hoped that Apple would produce an iPod Touch with a high capacity disk drive.  The problem with that is that such a device would come at the sacrifice of the battery life.  This would negate having a large drive.

And what's the point of having dozens of movies without the means to play it?  At 32GB now (64GB is like this Winter), that is not bad at all.

Back to Zune.  Love to see Microsoft overshoot the iPod line for once and not just follow a year behind. What may help?  Recently, Archos created their own media player and added Internet features onto it.  Perhaps, Microsoft will give that a try.

Just hoping is all.

Mobile Device Update:

  • Blackberry Sync reports RIM has information on the new 4.6 updates and features.  So far, it sounds like features it should have had to begin with.
  • Crunchgear has a simple review of the Treo Pro.  Mobility Today has a video of The Street review.
  • Daily Tech reports certain features like instant messaging will be omitted from Android for now.
  • Gizmodo via Appleinsider is saying there's nothing wrong with the hardware.  It'll be interesting what the woman who sued Apple for the 3G issues is going to do now.
  • ixploria reports that Adobe Photoshop will be coming to mobile devices.
Mobile Issues:
  • We discuss about municipal WiFi networks.
  • Computer virus reaches the International Space Station.
  • Can XP be turned into a mobile platform?  We think Microsoft shouldn't be too quick to retire it just yet.
  • InfoWorld reports Intel is saying WiMax will allow device makers to introduce WiMax devices to the market quickly.


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