Monday, August 4, 2008

Mobile Update for August 4, 2008

The biggest news on the mobile front is what is going to happen a year from now.  Today, Intel announced Larrabee, their new GPU architecture.  What's different about this GPU is that it is designed to run regular CPU instructions but can be reprogrammed to work as  GPU.  While this is not distintive desktop CPU, it is exciting to see something like this in a laptop. 

The impact of Larrabee is yet to be seen as competitors Nvidia and AMD both have GPUs that can make things very interest in the next year.  Please see hardware buff, Anandtech, for technical details if you're into that sort of thing. (What folks may not know is that Intel owns about 50% of the GPU market.)  See also The Register for not-too-technical reporting.

Mobile Device Update:
  • New iPhone firmware is out.  I want to thank all the brave souls for taking the plunge first.
  • T-Mobile's Blackberry Curve, Sunset edition, is now available (crackberry) The titanium edition has been out of stock for weeks now.  The Sunset is available for $150 after rebate and standard 2-year contract.
  • I had heard Verizon was coming with with their very own visual voicemail but Gizmodo is reporting it may be free.  But shouldn't it be free anyway, V?
  • HTC is trying its bestest to get an Android phone out by the end of 2008.  I am cheer you guys on, dudes...but I don't mind 2009 if it means quality will improve.  Fanboys will wait.
Mobile Issues:
  • Onxo discusses Apple's app store and the implications for iPhone users and its competitors.
  • Problogger reviews the iPhone 3G as a blogging tool.  However, a lot of its great ideas and discussions carry over to smartphones as well.  Definitely a MUST READ.
  • Onxo dissects MSNBC's article about Maine's student laptop program.  Most of us do not live in Maine, 'about 300 million or so.  However, the just as pencils and notebooks managed to slip into classrooms, laptops are beginning to do the same.  The changes are good but still some work needs to be done before it can be fully integreated into the classroom and educational system. 
  • Apple is reportedly increasing iPhone 3G production.  Expanding market or trouble for competitors.  We're saying it's the former.  It doesn't mean phone makers should just sit on what they've got now and consumers will come. 

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