Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mobile Update for August 5, 2008

The biggest news while receive little mainstream coverage is the Department of Homeland Security's directive allowing its authorized officers to conduct search and seizure of your electronics, books, and even printed or written material. There is no reason to believe the government is creating a wholesale database of everything a visitors or resident, going overseas or return, carry. It's simply something we want to keep an eye on. In our follow up, Onxo explore the summary of the DHS directive and examine its purpose. On to today's Mobile Update:

Onxo Udpates:
Mobile Device Updates:
  • Verizon dropped Blackberry prices. Verizon reported stellar earnings and saw no impact from the iPhone 3G onslaught. It will launch a counterattack later this fall with a barrage of Samsung and Blackberry phones. Some Bold and Thunder, anyone? (Blackberry Sync)
  • Mobilecatcher is saying a Nokia And Microsoft collaboration in bring Zune media to Nokia phones. Last week, Onxo thinks Microsoft is the one we need to be watch, not Apple, for any surprises. (Mobile Catcher)
  • Onxo has no idea what this phone is but it's got a nice picture. Hello! (ixploria)
  • Electonista is reporting new phones from Motorola. While they seem like regular updates, there is a picture of the next smartphone from Motorola that will join the smartphone war. We've seen and and we're wondering if Mot is even trying anymore.
  • CNet is reporting Microsoft R&D is at an all time high. Again, they need to be watched this fall.
Mobile Issues Update:
  • Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google are working on a way to deal with China's less than open Internet and the occasional demand from Internet companies information to be used to jail dissidents. Last week, the IOC gave in to Chinese demands to curtail Olympics reporting.
  • Sprint has joined Verizon and ATT in capping the amount of 3G usage (at 5GB). Then they can cut off the service. (Gizmodo)
  • Yesterday, Intel introduced their dedicated GPU. Today, they announced plans to introduce their next generation mobile platform, Calpella, in the third quarter of 2009.

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