Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mobile Update For August 6, 2008

There is no overarching theme today in the mobile front.  Like we said before, we're waiting for major launches and we're a few weeks away from that.  But if there is any big news today, it's that 3G has been detected in Las Vegas.  It was reported last week that we may see 3G go live on Oct 1st.  We were a bit skeptical but now we're believers.  Still waiting on the Android phone though.

Mobile Device Update:

  • Crackberry has instructions on running your own Blackberry server at your office.  Also they are reporting BB Bold is now available in Germany.  Now not here yet?
  • According to Mobility Today, TSA will allow users to keep laptops in x-ray friendly bags without taking them out.  That's unless they need it to make a copy of your hard drive for analysis.  And there's no stopping them either.  
  • Onxo discuss Edison a free power management software for Windows.  Fun to but not very useful.
  • Check out Mobileread's video from the Tokyo Book Fair with ebook readers.  
  • HTC, without the clout of Steven Jobs, still managed to do well.  It will have sold 1 million Touch Diamonds this month.  This is probably just a warm up to HTC's Android phone selling one million on much less than that this fall.
Mobile Issues:
  • Apple computers costs two times more than a Windows computer.  That's it.  I'm not going to get into this.  Google for articles at your own risk.  I'm not risking the wrath of the Mac army.  

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