Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mobile Update for August 7, 2008

Earlier today, Onxo write a piece regarding Google's decision not to join the successful LiMo effort in the mobile market and why Google think Android is the way to go for them.  We also found out, to our dismay, that Information Week has spoken with a Android manager and said Android is only 80% complete.

We suggested we hold off any anxiety or elation from any mobile camp in this matter before we hear more.  And we did.  Sadly, it doesn't sound good at the moment.  Barrons blogged an analyst from Global Equity Research reported there are problems with Android and potential soft demands for Android phones have let HTC to sought revenues from Google.  If true, this isn't good.  

Onxo believed if there are things to be worked out with Android, delays is better than bring out a device that will only give Google critics ammunition to say "I told you so" and consumers being let down.  But the news of HTC's loss of confidence in Android i damaging.  Furthermore, developer defection may also be an issue.  

Onxo still believe we need to wait for official word from Google and HTC.  Last week, both companies promised Android phones in at the end of 2008.

Mobile Tip:
Mobile Devices:
  • Blackberry Sync has gotten a hold of T-Mobile USA's Blackberry line up.  No Bold.  I'm not surprised.  Maybe T-Mobile is still betting on Android.  However, don't look for Blackberry to benefit too much from any unconfirmed Android problems.  
  • With signs of 3G signals from T-Mobile lately, A Sony phone maybe in the line up this fall as revealed by Crunchgear.
  • HP made splashes yesterday with touch-screen laptops, in 18 months.  Today, thegadetsite is saying HP will have 10" Atomized Mini-Notes.  One question.  How is it with OS X?
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