Friday, August 8, 2008

Mobile Update for August 8, 2008 (Good Luck To All Athletes!)

In what should be a quiet Friday, quite a few things are taking shape but nothing big like the discovery of a date for an eagerly awaited mobile device.  Oh wait.  There is!  BlackberrySync has spied a shot of Verizon inventory screen with the Blackberry Thunder, to debut on October 13th.  Nice.

Also after a flurry of web posts that stemmed from an analyst chimed in on what he "heard" and why Android phone will be not seen in 2008, a rebuttal was issued by HTC challenge the hapless man.  It's a good thing for this dude we don't have duels to settle disputes and insults no more.

Onxo Posts:

Mobile Device:
  • Crackberry has uncovered specs for the Javalin.  Pictures too.  Must read!
  • CrunchGear is reporting 32GB flash by the end of the year.  I guess we can expect 32GB iPhones first quarter of 2009 with certainty.  For those countries that have no received an invitation to an iPhone launch, this could be a blessing for being late to the party.  Assuming Apple will eventually invite you at all. 

Mobile Issues Update:
  • Linux has been clamoring for respectability in the consumer desktop/laptop market but it may have found a way to gain marketshare through netbooks. (Crunchgear)
  • T-Mobile USA may launch its own app store for its line of mobile devices (Appleinsider).  Onxo will follow up on this interesting development. 
  • Ars technica reports Verizon does not like white space.  Really, V?  
Well, that's all for this week. Tune in this weekend for updates and tying up loose ends from this week.  If you don't know what white space is, we'll post a bit explaining what it is and why it's being sought after by Google and Microsoft.  Also on Sunday, we'll help you sort through the ads for good mobile deals so you can walk through stores with confidence.

Have a great weekend!

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