Mobility Update for Last Week

I wanted to say last week was a slow one but we did get a flurry of activities that did not constitute any new developments but lots of platform news.
In particular is the story of the iPhone 3G issues.  It's pretty much agreed that the 3G chip used in the phone is to blame.  Reported, Apple is working on a solution while others do not think this is simple a matter of a firmware patch.  We'll know soon enough.  However, that does not seem have dampened demand for the mobile device.  However, it may have left open doors for it's competitors to do something for their own slate of smartphones.
I, Android?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  If you're looking for a phone in the latest platform contender and are a T-Mobile customer, market your calender for September 17 when the HTC Dream can be pre-ordered.  The release is disputed.  
Also today, we release laptop deals from the superstores like Circuit City and Best Buys to help you decide what to look for.  While there were no laptops with SSD drives available for local sales, we think the day when SSD occupy more share in laptops is coming.  Onxo explains why we think it's worth getting.
What mobile issues did we talk about this week:
Mobile Issues:
  • Samsung is working to make memories more efficient.
  • HSBC could be looking to swap out Backberries for 200K iPhones.  I doubt it but it could be good to get Apple and RIM to play against each other.
  • Best Buy will be selling iPhones in September, according to Appleinsider.  Obviously Best Buy has helped Macbook sales but given the competition in the stores, I wonder how the iPhone can really stand out.  I was in an ATT store today and was told it wold take seven days after putting an iPhone order for the customer to get it.  It would have to mean Apple has enough output to cover the shortage in ATT stores, stock the Apple, Best Buy, and ATT stores on a regular basis, meet the added demand from the second wave of nations where their iPhone launch is this Friday, and have enough left over for a third and possibly fourth wave of countries.  
  • Engadget has information on Lenovo's X301 Thinkpad.  Not to be outdone, PhoneNews believes the Macbook Air is due for an upgrade soon.  We doubt it with so much going on with the iPhone launches and connectivity issues.


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