Thursday, August 14, 2008

No Free Wireless Broadband Ever

Can you imagine a day when there is no WiFi router and no need for cards in laptops to access wireless Internet because wireless Internet is so ubiquitous that you have access from your home office to the subways of New York?  From the sea to shining sea?  
That is what M2Z Networks, a group of technology and consumer companies promting a more open wireless broadband access, is trying to do when they submitted their application to the Federal Communications Commission to gain access the a band of spectrum to create a national broadband network, giving consumers and additional wireless broadband choice.
For reasons real or merely self-interest, telecoms are requesting additional tests regarding potential interference with their cellular services.  The reason may be valid.  M2Z is asking for 20Mhz of spectrum sits above the AW spectrum.  The 20Mhz, from 2155-2175Mhz, was recently legislated by Congress to be used to create a national wireless broadband access, freely accessible to everyone.  Free access with be filtered and limited to 384kbps and a higher speed costing subscribers $20-$30 a month.
Will we ever see it this?  Probably...never.  Onxo does not want to take sides and understand the political implications for the FCC and Congress and the financial viability of such an endeavor for entrenched telecommunication companies and new comers that want to unseat them.  It is all about bottom lines and political expediency.  
The political rift is simply too wide for the two political parties to try to find an effective solution for the common good of the American people.  In industrialized nations where have greater Internet penetration and use in education, government, and commerce, they are training a whole new generation of mobile warriors armed with twenty-first century skill sets.
It's not worth getting into how behind the United States is compared to the rest of the world regarding education and Internet penetration.  The success of a would-be mobile worker is more than about education and access to broadband to learn the skills needed to compete effectively in tomorrow's environment.  It's the sum of the life.  
Nevertheless, it sure would be make things easier if we make sure every American student has a running head starting.

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