Monday, August 4, 2008

October is Gadget Month

It is like we'll see gadgets fight for attention this October as mobile devices, particularly those to compete with Apple's iPhone.

For Blackberry fans who are looking for their very own full screen touch device, Thunder, is rumored to be available on October 8.  The device will be available on the Verizon network.  Also last week, we brought you information on T-Mobile's 3G network possibly officially going live on October 1.

What doe this mean?  A lot.  First, I've spoke with three different T-Mobile customer service representatives and they know of no 3G device available for purchase.  It stands to be deduced that at least one phone, possibly more, will be introduced to take advantage of the net network.

We already know Android phone is coming this 3rd quarter.  Third quarter means the months of July through September.  T-Mobile has not shown the ability to keep secrets well in the past (as is evident by its latest 3G network availability leak) but Android device partners may be asked by Google to keep its cards as close to its chest until it's closer to release.

There are other announcements or releases in September that may well be pushed in October.  Regardless, give a take a week, the few weeks before and after the days of October is going to be very exciting.  Oh, and iPod refreshes from Apple is coming as well.  Not to mention Apple's mystery device.

Note:  Are there any true multi-touch phones on the market?  I have yet to see any dispute talks from phone makers about it.  I finally got my hands on touch-screen keyboard other than Apple's own.  It was an LG model from Verizon.  I think it is the Dare.  I see the appeal it has  but touch was not one of them.  Regardless, it was built for a different kind of user in mind than the iPhone.

If anyone out there knows of a true multi-touch phone other than the iPhone, please let me know.  Ones in the market, not in development.

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