Friday, August 1, 2008

Onxo On Possible iPhone Killers

The smartphone market is undefined and far too vast for any mobile device to step on one another's toe any time soon.  While we are amazed at the features across the spectrum of smartphones available on the market now, the evolution of smartphones and other mobile devices are just beginning.  There is no iPhone or Blackberry killer because we simply have no idea what form mobile convergence will eventually take shape.  Perhaps a year from now, we'll be talking about a Nokia killer.  

Today, I'm liking the Samsung Omnia a lot.  It will be available on the AT&T network in the 3rd quarter (Boy Genius Report).  It'll be inevitable that there will be comparison between Omnia and the iPhone.

Apple usually dance to its own tune so don't expect it to try and match the Omnia and other smartphones feature for feature. Features in the Omnia appears to be where the phone trounces the iPhone. But without an iTunes-like store for music, movies, and apps, it cannot be a true iPhone killer. Here a list of four arguably hottest smartphones (iPhone, HTC Diamond, Instinct, and Omnia) on the market now with specs for comparison from InfoSync. Yup, Apple, Samsung, and HTC will soon by Sony, Blackberry, and Nokia.  

You decide!

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