Piling On Android or Against iPhone

Would you get a smartphone based on Google's open-source Android OS?  That's the question we won't really know until months or even a year later.  However, the phone seems to be geared towards specific groups.  Fans of Google and folks who may not like Apple very much.  And those who are anti-iPhone may not even gravitate towards T-Mobile's HTC Dream or whatever it's called these days.

Here are some quick links to understanding what the Android platform is about.  Be warned that they are very skewed in one direction or another.

Whatever is finally said and done, there is so far no talk of an iPhone killer from Google or its allies.  It's a very smart move on their part.  The excitement will be there.  You can feel it if you follow the Google crowd.  May not as crazy as the iPhone folks.  
Once the dust settles in the next month or so and the fans have had their fill, the next challenge will be if the average Joe shows up.  I know I will.


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