Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Palm-Related Linux Phone Cancelled

Orange canceled the SGH-i800 by Samsung (Palminfocenter.com linked through The Inquirer) a phone was to be based on the Acess Linux Platform, an OS from Palmsource mashed together with Palm, Java, and other open-source projects.  The complication of the origin of the OS lies in a number of transactions and deals between Palm and Palmsource.

Needless to say, this is not a good sign for the Palm camp.  The reason sited for the cancellation was to take the device back into the hangar and rework it in light of recent mobile advances.  In other words, it cannot compete in the market.

What The Inquirer did mention, which Palminfocenter did not, was that Orange remains committed to Linux, just not ALP.  Who then?  LiMo.

However, Access is also a part of the LiMo foundation.  So now what?  The Inquirer suggests Access release the Palm virtual machine for use with LiMo, giving potential users access to library of thousands of Palm applications and games.

Note:  There has been hope among users of other platforms like the iPhone and Blackberry that there will be virtual machines available in order to gain access to the very same vault of Palm software that many former Palm users have come to love.

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